Golf Rules 


The game can be played by any number of players.

The players' names are written across the top of the board. The number of holes to be played (9 or 18) is agreed and these are written down the left side of the board (1-9 or 1-18). 

A double counts as a hole in one, a treble counts as two shots, the small wedge between the bulls and the treble counts as three shots and the large wedge between the double and treble counts as four shots. If you miss the number completely it counts as five shots.

The first player begins the first hole by throwing for 1s. The player may choose to throw one, two or all three darts for the hole. However many darts are thrown, the LAST dart thrown is the one that counts. For example, the first dart is thrown into the small wedge of the 1 for a score of 3. Not happy with this score, the remaining one or two darts are thrown for treble 1 but the ones are missed completely. The score is now five shots for the hole, however had the first dart been taken it would have been three shots for the hole.

The other players take their turn to play the first hole and the scores for the first hole are entered in each player's column. Play then moves on to the second hole and continues until all 9 or 18 holes have been played.

For holes 2 onwards scores can either be entered as the number of shots taken for that hole or as a running total.

The player with the least number of shots after all holes have been played is the winner. 

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