Halve It Rules 


 The game is played by two players or teams.

Three columns are marked on the scoreboard, the left and right are for the two players' scores and in the middle column 20, 19, T, 18, D, 17, 16, 3C, 15, H, 14, B are written vertically down. 

Players throw nearest the bull to determine who starts.

Each player tries to get the highest score on the target number for each round. The rounds are played in the order listed on the scoreboard and only the target numbers for that particular round count. Doubles and trebles count as normal for the target number.

For the doubles and trebles round, any double or treble on the board counts.

The 3C (three colours) means that a dart must land on a different colour on the board i.e. treble 20 (red), double 16 (green), single 8 (black) or single 4 (beige).

The H (hurdles) round is played by throwing the first dart anywhere on the board.  The second and third darts must hurdle a number clockwise. So if the first dart lands in 20, the second dart has to hit 18 and the third dart has to hit 13 to count. If this is done, in this example 51 would be scored.

If all three darts miss the target number in any round your previous score is halved. For example in the first round you throw two single 20s for a score of 40. In the next round if you miss the 19s with all three darts, your running score would now be 20.

The player with the highest score after all rounds have been played is the winner.

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