Killer Rules 


The game can be played by any number of players.

The players' names are written down the left side of the scoreboard. Next to each name, three lives are marked. 

Play begins with each player throwing one dart with their wrong hand. This is to set a random number and that number will be that player's number for the duration of the game. Whatever number is hit is written next to that player's name. No two players may have the same number, so if a player hits a number that is already taken that player should throw again.

Players then take it in turns to try to hit the double of their number ONCE. When they hit their double they become a Killer and write K next to their name. If a player hits a double with their wrong-handed throw, they automatically become a Killer, provided no one else already had that number.

When a player becomes a killer their objective is to kill all their opponents. They do this by hitting the double of any of their opponents' numbers. If they hit their own double by mistake after they have become a Killer they WILL kill themselves. Whenever a kill occurs, one life is rubbed off that players tally. When a player has lost all their lives they are out of the game.

Play continues until only one player has any lives left and they are the winner.    

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