Leave It Rules 


 The game can be played by any number of players.

The players' names are written down the left side of the scoreboard. Three lives are marked next to each player's name. 

The first player throws for a Small 3 (the small wedge between treble 3 and the outer bull). If they hit Small 3 with their first dart they now have two darts to set the new target for the next player. If they hit Small 3 with their second dart they then have only one dart to set the next target. If Small 3 was hit with their third dart they then have three more darts to set the new target. If Small 3 is missed with all three darts, the first player loses a life and the second player would then try to hit Small 3. When a new target is set the exact segment has to be hit by the next player i.e. Big 16 (the large wedge between the double 16 and treble 16), Small 2 (the small wedge between treble 3 and the outer bull), Double 18, Treble 14, Inner Bull, Outer Bull etc.

When setting a new target it is the first dart that hits a scoring part of the board that counts. The scoring part of the board however isn't restricted to just the normal scoring areas but also includes any holes in the actual numbers around the board. So the following are all valid targets; holes in the 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 18, 19 & 20. The 8 and 18 have two targets each, the inner and outer holes of the 8.

When attempting to set a new target if the player is on their last dart and it misses a scoring area or bounces out that player will lose a life and the previous target still stands for the next player.

Play continues until all players except one have lost all their lives and that player is the winner.   

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