Mickey Mouse Rules 


 The game is played by two players or teams.

The scoreboard is drawn up with the numbers 20 down to 12, D, T and B written in descending order down the centre of the board, with the players' names above to the left and right. 

Players throw nearest the bull to determine who starts.

The players take turns to throw their three darts at any of the scoring targets (20 to 12, D, T, B) to try to knock off that area and/or score points. A scoring target is knocked off when a player hits it three times. If a double or treble for a scoring number is hit that counts as two or three hits, unless the player prefers to take it as a double or treble. The outer bull counts as one hit on the bull and the inner as two. Every time a scoring area is hit an X is put against that number/target in the relevant player's column.

When one player hits the double or treble of a scoring number (20 to 12) they have the choice of taking that as a double or treble or two or three hits on that number. If the player hits a double or treble of a non-scoring number (1 to 11) then it will only count as a hit on a double or treble.

Play continues until one player has knocked off all their scoring areas and has a higher score than their opponent. It is possible that one player may have knocked off all their scoring targets but have a lower score than their opponent. If this is the case play continues until either the first player has a higher score than their opponent or the second player knocks off all their scoring targets. The player with the highest score at the end is the winner.

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