Noughts & Crosses Rules 


 The game played by two players or teams.

Two columns are marked on the scoreboard with a noughts and crosses board at the bottom. The following numbers are used in the game; 12, 20, 18, 11, B, 6, 7, 3, 2. These numbers are marked under each players name and also in the noughts and crosses board (12, 20, 18 across the first row, 11, B, 6 across the middle row and 7, 3, 2 across the bottom row). 

Players throw nearest the bull to determine who starts.

The game is played like the traditional pen and paper game where one player is X and the other O and you have to get a line of Xs or Os across the board (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). In order to place an X or O on the scoreboard, a player must first knock off the relevant number. To knock off a number you must hit it three times (doubles count as two hits and trebles as three). An X is put next to the relevant number for each player for each time they hit it.

When a player has knocked off a number a line is drawn through it and any further hit on that number by that player allows them to put a O or X in the corresponding square on the noughts and crosses board. When a O or X has been put on the noughts and crosses board that number is then out of the game for both players.

To start the game, players should throw for nearest the bull. The winner to throw first and choose whether thet want to be Os or Xs. Play then alternates as explained above until one player has a line of Os or Xs across the board.

The game can be made harder by restricting scoring to either doubles or trebles.    

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