Mid Dorset Winter League Rules 


1. Teams to consist of 6 players.

2. The registration fee is £10 per team. There are also match fees of £6 per match per team. Match fees are to be paid in two instalments. The first instalment is due no later than one week after the last league match of the first half of the season. The second instalment is due no later than one week after the final league match of the season. 

3. All players must be registered to be eligible to play and their registration form sent to the League Secretary at least 7 days prior to their first match. No registration form will be accepted without the registration fee. All registrations must be on the official registration form. A £5 registration fee is payable for any players signed on after the start of the season. 

4. Pubs/clubs entering more than one team must clearly state on the registration form for which team the player has registered  i.e. A or B.

5. No player is allowed to register for more than one team in the league in one season, unless a transfer has been approved. The captains of the two teams concerned approve the transfer and the captain receiving the player to notify the League Secretary in writing.

6. Only registered players may enter League competitions. All competitions are £2 to enter except the Captain's Cup which is free. 

7. The match dartboard should be fixed at a height of 5ft 8in (1.73m) from the floor to the centre of the bull. A throwing line should be clearly marked on the floor at 7ft 9¼in (2.37m) from the face of the board.

8. Matches are to be played on Mondays as per the fixture list, starting at 8.30 pm. Teams wishing to play on any day other than that stated on the fixture list should contact the opposing team captain at least 24 hours before the match and arrange a mutually convenient date. The League Secretary should be informed of the change of date by the captain who initiated the change. 

9. All teams must be represented by 8.15 pm. Any player not present by 8.15pm will forfeit their game. Unless the reason is accepted by both captains, this rule to be rigidly applied.

10. The captains of both teams are to mutually agree that the conditions of play are satisfactory and according to the rules as no protest will be entertained after the game.

11. The order of play is decided by the drawing the players' names from a hat or placing the names face down on a table. The home team captain is responsible for drawing the away team players and the away team captain to draw the home team. 

12. All games to start and finish on a double (bull to count as double 25).

13. All games to be the best of 3 legs, Singles - 301, Pairs - 501. Games are started by throwing nearest the bull, the winner to play first in the opening leg. The player losing the first leg to play first in the second leg, if a third leg is necessary, players should throw nearest the bull again, the winner to play first. In team competitions, such as the KO Cup, Pairs will be played first.

14. A beer leg (all 6 players) consisting of one leg of 1001 is played at the end of the match. 

15. The exact number must be obtained to finish a game and the no bust rule applies. So if a player scores more than the required number they only take the score of their previous dart(s), i.e. if a player required 40 and scored 5 first dart, leaving 35 and their second dart scored more than 35, their score would be 5 and they would require 35 on their next throw.

16. Only the marker is permitted to advise the score and then only when asked to do so by the player throwing. The marker will advise the number required only i.e. 40 not double top or 35 not 3 and double 16.

17. One point will be awarded to the winning player/team of each game, nine points in total. Two bonus points are awarded to the winning team i.e. 5-4 win becomes 7-4. The beer leg only counts towards the Beer Cup and not the overall match score. In the event of league places being tied at the end of the season a playoff will be held to determine the outcome.  

18. Any 180s, high shots in or high shots out should be recorded on the back of the result card. 

19. The home team are responsible for marking the scores and the away team for checking. The captains of each team must sign the result card, should a result card have to be altered both captains must initial the alteration. In the case of a protest, the captain protesting should write the word "protest" under their name, if this is not done there can be no protest. Once a card has been signed there can be no protest.

20. The League Secretary's decision is final in any complaints arising or items not covered by these rules. All Team Captains are considered Committee Members and will assist the League Secretary as required and in any matters of dispute.    

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