DCSDL Rules 

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2. The area covered by the League will be from Gray's Bridge, Dorchester to Stour Bridge, Blandford and a line from Spetisbury/Bere Regis/Moreton Station in the South to Kings Stag in the North for pubs and clubs. Also to include all the pubs/clubs in Blandford town centre.  

3. The executive committee will comprise of a Chairman, a League Secretary, and a Treasurer, to be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. By default, all captains or their nominated representatives will also act as ordinary committee members. Ordinary committee members will assist as necessary on competition nights and with the resolution of any disputes as per Rule 20.

4. Matches to be played on Monday evenings (Tuesday in the event of a Bank Holiday).

5. All league matches to commence at 8 pm. 

6. The match game will comprise six singles best of 3 legs of 301, three pairs best of 3 legs of 501 and a beer leg of 1001. All games double in, double out, no bust rule applies. The nearest throw to the bull commences play in the first leg, the loser of the first leg commences in the second leg and should a third leg have to be played, the nearest to the bull commences play. The beer leg doesn't count in the overall match score but as a separate competition. 

7. The throw is 7ft 9ΒΌ inches. It is the responsibility of all Team Captains to ensure the availability of a Match Board.

8. Match Scoring: 1 point per singles/pairs, 9 points total for match. Two bonus points are awarded to the winning team i.e. 5-4 win becomes 7-4. One point for winning the beer leg which counts towards the Beer Cup but is not part of the overall match score.

9. A match team will comprise of 6 players of which no more than 3 shall be Super League players in sections other than Section 1. All entrants to knockouts should have played in at least three league games. This rule may be varied at the discretion of the Committee.

10. Change of player in the beer leg, only if agreed by both captains before the start of the match.

11. No players may be "borrowed".

12. No new players may be signed on in Section 1 after the last scheduled match of the first half. In Section 2, no new players may be signed on after the A.G.M. 

13. Match card to be completed by home team captain with the registered names of players. All high shots in/out to be noted on the card with the name of the player. Completed match cards to be signed by both captains at the end of the match. The winning team is responsible for sending the completed card to the League Secretary at the address on the card by the Friday following the match. No card, winning team loses all points.  

14. When a team is unable to play on the appointed evening, 24 hours notice must be given to the opposing captain and the League Secretary is to be informed by the following Friday. In the event of less than 24 hours notice or non-appearance of a team, all points will be awarded to the opposing team. Match card showing this to be submitted as in Rule 13. Any cancelled games must be played in the half of the season they were cancelled in.

15. In the event of a team withdrawing from the league, all match points in the half of the season in which they withdrew will be forfeit. High shots in and out will not be affected by this.

16. Any outstanding games of the first half are to be played before the start of the second half. Second half games to be played no later than seven days after the end of the league.

17. In all competitions play is to commence by 8 pm sharp.

18. All finals (except the Team Knockouts) are to be played on Finals Night, at a venue to be notified.

19. Trophies will be awarded for the following (subject to sufficient funds);

       - Section Winners and Runners-Up

       - Section Wooden Spoon 

       - Section Beer Cup Winners and Runners-Up

       - Section Knockout Cup Winners and Runners-Up 

       - Section Mens Singles Winners and Runners-Up

       - All sections Ladies Singles Winners and Runners-Up

       - Section Mens Pairs Winners and Runners-Up

       - All sections Ladies Pairs Winners and Runners-Up

        - Section Trebles Winners and Runners-Up

       - All sections Captains Cup Winner and Runner-Up

       - Section Leading Dartist

       - Section Highest Shots In and Shots Out

       - All sections Ladies Highest Shots In and Shots Out             

 20. Any disputes must be referred to the League Secretary for adjudication. In the event of the parties not agreeing with the League Secretary's decision, the matter will be placed before the Committee, whose decision will be final.    


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