Summer Venues 

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Colin's Community Club

49, Damory Street


Dorset, DT11 7HD

01258 453694

Home Venue: Colin's Diamonds

2 boards


        Con Club

Dale House

Salisbury Street


Dorset, DT11 7PY

01258 452230


Home Venue: Con Club

6 boards 

The Dolphin

42 East Street


Dorset, DT11 7DR

01258 456813

Home Venue: Dolphin Double In, Dolphin Madness



 Farquharson Arms

 Salisbury Road



 Dorset, DT11 8TX

 01258 268521

Home Venue: Farky

2 boards 


JP Squash Club

Blandford Heights


Dorset, DT11 7TE

01258 455188



Home Venue: Drifters, JP's Pintmen

2 boards

Royal British Legion

Legion House

Church Lane


Dorset, DT2 7EX

01258 455730


Home Venue: Jokers, Misfits

Up to 7 boards

 Royal Oak

 Dorchester Hill

 Milborne St Andrew


 Dorset, DT11 0JG

 01258 837248

Home Venue: No Stars, Outlaws


 Stour Inn

5, Blandford St Mary


Dorset, DT11 9LH

01258 451276


Home Venue: Stour Boyz

2 boards 

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